The Shoreditch Laundry is a start up company formed in 2016. We have vast experience in the luxury & premium sectors in the fashion industry. Having previously worked within a leading department store group and world-renowned fashion brands. We have woven our experience into the garments.

All the shirts are made in London and have been garment washed to give a pre loved but not pre worn finish. The shirts are crafted on Vintage sewing machines reclaimed by the factory from Hong Kong, which gives the shirts a different quality of finish. After living and working in London for the past 20+ years, we feel that we are constantly immersed and washed by the city.


History of clothing in Shoreditch.


Shoreditch has been at the forefront of the clothing industry in London since the 1780, a notable gentleman called Mr. Thomas Trye started selling clothing in Shoreditch around this time. Due the proximity to the City of London boundaries.

Shoreditch has, since around 1996, become a popular and fashionable part of London. Often conflated with neighbouring Hoxton, the area has been subject to considerable gentrification in the past twenty years, with accompanying rises in land and property prices.


More recently, during the second 'dot-com' boom, the area has become popular with London-based web technology companies who base their head offices around Old Street. These include, Dopplr, Songkick, SocialGO and 7digital. These companies have tended to gravitate towards Old Street Roundabout, giving rise to the term "Silicon Roundabout" to describe the area, as used by Prime Minister David Cameron in a speech in November 2010.


Formerly a predominantly working class area, Shoreditch and Hoxton have, in recent years, been gentrified by the creative industries and those who work in them. Former industrial buildings have been converted to offices and flats, while Curtain Road and Old Street are notable for their clubs and pubs that offer a variety of venues to rival those of the West End. Art galleries, bars, restaurants, media businesses and the building of the Hackney Community College campus are further features of this transformation.


In fact, the word Shoreditch is now synonymous with the concept of contemporary 'hipsterfication' of regenerated urban areas. As a pioneer among similar transformations across the UK, various phrases have been coined, from "Shoreditchification" to "Very Shoreditch"